Increased Productivity, Guaranteed

Posted on October 24 2019

Increased Productivity, Guaranteed

Before you sigh at another post on productivity, hear me out. Like you, I’ve tried a million ways to improve my productivity. I’ve done the David Allen thing, the ‘Wait, but Why’ 100 blocks thing (I still use it) and more.

Then I heard Evan Carmichael talk about productivity in an interview with James Altucher. He talked about scheduling his week in chunks. Monday is coaching/mentor his employees day, Tuesdays are shoot video days, Saturdays are family fun days. Sunday is home admin day.

You’re underwhelmed. Nothing new here.

Then the ball dropped. The missing link. Evan went on to say this works for him besause he misses it! Around Thursday or Friday, he misses coaching. He misses making videos; and now he gets to look forward to it!

This was a fundamental mindshift for me. If you chunk your activity like Evan, you silmultaneously miss and look forward to what you’re working on. It’s practically the closest thing you can find in a guarantee of increased productivity.


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