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  • Second-Order Effects

    Posted on February 15 2019

    If you're a fan of Charlie Munger, which why wouldn't you be? You're probably familiar with his "lattice work of mental models" and thoughts on second-order effects.Examples of unintended second-order...

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  • 4 Life Hacks That Served Me Well

    Posted on January 18 2019

    I've picked up four 'life hacks', for lack of a better word, which have served me well over the years. The first one I picked up from a US Navy LCDR...

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  • The Day I Became World Class at Something

    Posted on January 02 2019

    There's a quote attributed to Warren Buffet that runs a long the lines of "How do you beat Bobby Fischer? You play him in any game but Chess ... I...

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  • Negotiating: Ask For What You Want, Then Ask For a Little More…

    Posted on December 06 2018

    Professors Daniel Ames and Malia Mason of Columbia Business School recently discussed ‘range offers’. They say when it comes to negotiation, ask for what you want, then ask for a...

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  • The Old Man and the Sea

    Posted on December 01 2018

    Ok, so maybe Caspar Craven isn’t that old. I recently watched him give an interview on Impact Theory and though I’d highlight some things that stood out. Caspar is a successful entrepreneur...

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  • Celebrate Small Victories

    Posted on November 13 2018

    In a recent talk on Impact Theory, Caspar Craven mentioned using the "Theater of the Mind" to visualize your goals while pursuing them. He also spoke of the importance of...

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