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  • Did Vikings Found Russia?

    Posted on May 06 2020

    A very, very, very short version of Russian history. Legend has it, what we know as Russia was founded by Vikings. Depending on which Russian you talk to, this is either...

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  • Two Primitive (But Useful) Gmail Hacks

    Posted on April 20 2020

    You’ve probably tried it before. Journaling, a bullet journal, a diary; whatever you want to call it. You start out using an app on your phone, or you buy a...

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  • Reasoning from First Principles

    Posted on April 11 2020

    Reasoning from First Principles rather than from analogy is important for new breakthroughs according to legendary businessman Elon Musk. He says most people conduct their lives by reasoning from analogy....

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  • Leadership in Troubled Times

    Posted on April 01 2020

    There’s no better place to start than at the top. You may have already heard the story of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, the British Antarctic explorer who led three expeditions...

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  • 3 Beard Trimmers for Any Budget

    Posted on January 12 2020

    The editors at Esquire write in The 11 Best Beard Trimmers for Every Type of Facial Hair, that the best beards are purposeful, and anyone can make their beard looks...

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  • Future is So Bright in Any of These 3 Shades

    Posted on November 17 2019

    Life is a highway and you’re going to ride off into the sunset. Or maybe you’re just going to the corner convenience store for your favorite energy drink. Either way,...

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